Foto: Christian Hjort


Welcome inside the home of one of Northern Europe's largest suppliers of experiences.

We at The Roskilde Festival Group creates unique cultural projects from the initial of an idea to the execution of a project.

Our focal point is the annual Roskilde Festival with more than 130,000 participants.

Year around we create and participate in the interaction between people, art, play and community.

Our projects are based on the dedication and commitment of our volunteers - each year Roskilde Festival has more than 32,000 volunteers who make the magic happen.

We are a non-profit organization that donates all profits to charitable and cultural purposes for the benefit of children and adolescents.

We are extremely proud of our volunteer organization and the tasks that volunteers solve all year round. It is their hard work that has made the Roskilde Festival Group into something special.

On these pages we take you on a tour behind our organization - one that professionals have characterized as 'the art of the impossible' and a radical new interpretation of an interdisciplinary organization and collaboration.

Here you can gain insight into our world of projects and find out why we do what we do, when we do it and how we can help you.

Welcome inside the game.

Best regards,
Roskilde Festival Group's staff and volunteers