Foto: Peter Troest

Organisation and donation

Roskilde Festival is the largest North European culture and music festival and have existed since 1971.
Since the beginning, the festival has steadily grown bigger. Today, Roskilde Festival do not only work on arranging the largest festival but is also involved in a wide range of activities and projects all year round.

To secure Roskilde Festival economically and at the same time separating the festival's finances and administration of the Group's other activities, we have created an organization that legally can be compared to a group.

The Roskilde Festival Group consist of: The Roskilde Festival Foundation, The Roskilde Festival Charity Society and Roskilde Culture Service Ltd.

The Roskilde Festival Group is the common name we use for all the activities that takes place in the environment around Roskilde Festival. All units in The Roskilde Festival Group share the same purpose: to support humanitarian and cultural purposes.

The Roskilde Festival Foundation is like a mother to the group. It is within this unit that consulting and rental of equipment takes place.The Roskilde Festival Foundation is also parent to the subsidiary Roskilde Culture Service LTD whose primary purpose is to provide staff for team projects.

In overall is The Roskilde Festival Group a network-based project organization, where staff and volunteers participate and cooperate in the length and breadth of our numerous tasks throughout the year.

Our activities and business units can be grouped in a maternity.


The Roskilde Festival Charity Society allocates Roskilde Festival’s profit to humanitarian, cultural- and non-profit projects all over the world.

The aim is to support initiatives for the benefit of children and young people.

Many of the donations are an extension of Roskilde Festival's humanitarian statement. Roskilde Festival Charity Society has not only helped people through donations, but also by increasing awareness surrounding homelessness, poverty and the conditions for asylum seekers in Scandinavia.

Whether Roskilde Festival Group delivers supplies to a huge scout camp in Jutland or organize one of Northern Europe's largest festivals in Roskilde, the goal is always the same: To support cultural and charitable purposes with all profits.

Together with The Roskilde Festival Foundation and The Roskilde Festival Charity Society more than 200 million DKK have been donated to cultural and charitable purposes.


We are a non-profit society and all profits from our projects are donated to charitable and cultural purposes for the benefit of children and adolescents.

The social work is a cornerstone of Roskilde Festival. We see ourselves as co-creators of the world that we are a part of and we want to take responsibility for and work toward a more sustainable world.

It is an important part of our core values that we are a boundary seeking cultural manifestation. We turn our focus towards environmental and resource use, humanitarian, charitable and cultural work to reflect and influence the situation in society.

All our projects are based on volunteer dedication.

No Volunteers means No Roskilde Festival - and no other activities or projects surrounding the festival.

The voluntary commitment is the reason why the Roskilde Festival Group exists and can make a difference in the world.

The volunteers' commitment extends from hundreds of hours throughout the year. More than 32,000 volunteers each year create one of the world's largest temporary cities; the festival town of Roskilde with over 132,000 inhabitants.

We are proud of our volunteer movement.  It is a unique feature created by many decades of Roskilde Festival as a place where dreams can come true.