Foto: Andreas Houmann

What we do

With a starting point in the environment around Roskilde Festival, we are used to handle very large events, but also have experience with smaller tasks.

We have many years of experience in solving tasks associated with gear rental and equipment for temporary events.

We are especially good at solving problems related to indoor as well as outdoor events of shorter duration.

The primary customers are organizers of corporate events, concerts, cultural events, sporting events, etc.

With a wide range of goods and reasonable prices Roskilde Festival Group is always a safe place to go to.

This applies whether we contribute by consulting, project management and production or as a supplier of equipment and supplies.


Our many years of experience in production - including the organization of Roskilde Festival and other major cultural events - makes us a leader in the area.

Our core competence is our holistic approach in project management of major events in a unique interaction with our surroundings and Roskilde Festival Group's employees are specialists in the development, planning and execution of events.

We handle these tasks:
Concept Development
Production Planning
Budget and financial management
Equipment and Gear
Booking and negotiation with artists
Sound and light production
Scene Setting
Accommodation and transportation of artists
Stage management
Coordination with authorities (eg. Police and fire departments)
Organization of safety
Marketing and communications


Recommendation: See the list of some of the places where our expertise has been at the planning, execution and delivery of equipment. Clich here to see the list.