Foto: Anders Jung and Anne Steen

Where have we been

All year round, we work with concept development, consulting and execution of events across the country. Here is a list of some of those we remember best.


Backstage is Roskilde Festival Group's own meeting place for professionals in the event industry. Since 2006, Backstage have served as a forum for knowledge sharing, inspiration and networking that delivers unconventional conferences about events and experience economy. The project encompasses tasks such as concept development, programming and organization of conferences and networking meetings.


Along with Danish Broadcasting we brought wonderland Barda - known from DR Ramasjang - to five Danish cities, where more than 15,000 children and 1,000 role players helped create a universe filled with troll men, elves and other magical creatures.

Bastard - A family saga

We provided know-how, crew and equipment to the spectacular theatrical ' Bastard - A family saga' that drew the audience into a circus tent in Mill Square in Malmö and Copenhagen Park in Copenhagen in autumn 2012. Visit 

National Danish charity collection

Along with Roskilde Municipality we held a five hour long collection show in Roskilde Cathedral, where 40 minutes was live broadcasted on national tv (DR). The national collection contest committed larger groups of companies, citizens, associations, volunteers and artists in Eastern Denmark in the run up to the show. Visit

DHL Relay Race

We have since 2011 supplied electrical equipment and setup for the DHL Relay Race. With its 130,000 participants it is the world's largest jogging event. The race is spread over five festive days in Fælledparken where there besides running track is built a large tent city with space for the many company picnics and other social activities that takes place under the race. Visit

Citizen meeting on Bornholm

In 2013, we provided audio systems for all the tents at the annual citizen meeting (folkemøde) on Bornholm. The citizen meeting is a non-profit policy festival that aims to strengthen democracy and dialogue in Denmark by creating meetings between decision-makers, businesses and citizens in unconventional settings. Visit

First of May in Fælledparken

We have since 2011 organized the first of May in Fælledparken in cooperation with LO Metropolitan. The task involves planning, booking, marketing, setup and dismantling of equipment and rentals. The first of May is Labour Day and is marked with a focus on democracy and solidarity with more than 50,000 visitors in Fælledparken. Visit


During the UN climate convention in December 2009, we were hired by the municipality of Copenhagen to create a selection of the international political event. At the City Hall Square in Copenhagen artists as Nephew, Gogol Bordello and Malk de Koijn played on a stage powered by bio diesel and LED lights while people could play with nuisance bikes and other alternative energy sources in the nearby climate expo.

Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon

Since 2011 we have been providing electrical setup at the start and finish area to the Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon. We also provided power to the back area, the bars, the stage, the baths and to the many big screens and touch screens so the 10,000 participants were able to follow their movements and time. Visit

Opera in Hedeland

We have since 2005 been responsible for concept development, media relations and marketing of the Opera Hedeland, which each summer creates large outdoor opera experiences on the largest permanent outdoor stage located near Roskilde and Taastrup. Opera Hedeland is a unique cultural experience that has attracted both opera enthusiasts and curious students. Visit

Roskilde Festival

Every year we create a temporary city on the southern fields of Roskilde where music, art and events merge into a unique week-long music festival. Over 130,000 take part in the festival of which 32,000 are passionate volunteers. Visit

Roskilde Road Trip

When spring hits we will send a community of volunteers and artists on the road. Roskilde Road Trip is intended as a festival caravan sent from Roskilde Festival, but in addition to the musical content it also creates playgrounds for creative souls in the city of Oslo, Stockholm and Berlin. The task includes concept development, marketing and setup in cooperation with local and voluntary actors.

Scout Camp 2012

Our electrical department supplied materials for the electrical infrastructure of Denmark’s largest scout camp, where more than 30,000 children and young people camped in the wild near Holstebro. Visit