The Roskilde Festival Group

We create cultural experiences with the ambition of engaging people and inspire our surrounding

Preston Drake Hillyard

What we do

The Roskilde Festival Group is the collective name for the array of entities that have developed around the Danish non-profit festival, Roskilde Festival – a premier cultural event in Northern Europe known for its progressive music, art, and youth culture.

Our purpose is to engage people and inspire our surrounding, whether by producing the annual Roskilde Festival or by supporting other promoters and organisations in areas such as event safety, gastronomy, experience design, project management, and logistics.

Creating Cultural Events
The group includes the Roskilde Festival Charity Society, which formally organises the annual Roskilde Festival, as well as the Roskilde Festival Charity Foundation, whose activities range from strategic development projects to the execution of cultural events, such as GRASP.

Besides promoting events like Roskilde Festival and GRASP, we create and support large-scale events and high-quality activities under the name RFX.

Here, we contribute to the entire process from concept development and planning to execution and evaluation within the fields of gastronomy, experience design, project management, and logistics.

Donations to charity
All financial proceeds in the Roskilde Festival Group contribute to our charitable purpose, which is to create new opportunities for children and young people through donations.

Over the years, we have generated 429 million DKK for distribution.

You are welcome to contact us via this page. Here you will also find links to the Roskilde Festival Group's other activities such as Roskilde Festival, GRASP, and RFX.